the TIMBECK architectural Warranty


Guarantees – Warranties

The subject of Warranty will often test the credibility of any business and it is one on which Timbeck has very clear views and policies.

Definition of “Warranty”

A written guarantee given to a purchaser by a manufacturer usually specifying that the manufacturer will replace defective materials free of charge for a stated period of time.

Due to some sections of the supply chain (from trees in forests to installed finished product – often pre-coated) being beyond our control, we are unable to assume total responsibility for product performance, and therefore, do not provide an overall warranty.

However, the integrity of our products, their ‘fit for purpose’ and ability to perform to expectation is of paramount importance to us. To achieve those objectives, we undertake, and are happy to warrant the following:

Definition of “Warrant”

Something that provides assurance or confirmation - an assurance of truth.

  • we source raw material only from sawmills with recognition for their understanding of product grades and a long standing record for consistent grade compliance.
  • our milling of finished profiles is only undertaken with feed stock which is seasoned to moisture content required by building codes and statutory acts.
  • our manufacturing facilities utilise the latest in technology and machinery is kept in line with or ahead of that used in industry best practice.
  • our production staff are skilled and well trained in their various roles and intimately familiar with the company’s quality policies and procedures.
  • when products are ordered pre-coated, the coating products we apply are amongst the highest quality within their own categories obtainable in the country today.
  • for applications either pre-coated or coated on site, the maintenance recommendations we promote are those of the coating manufacturer which we believe to contribute to satisfactory long term product performance.
  • we at no time assert product performance characteristics beyond what is realistically obtainable under normal conditions.

Further to our own commitments, we have a legal obligation under Australian Consumer Law to comply with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

We are confident, and have a reputation supporting, that our various manufacturing processes, when matched with correct product selection, correct on-site installation and correct maintenance schedules will provide a satisfactory final application.

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