Western Red Cedar  -  Weather Board Cladding

Weather Board (Bevel Siding) Overview

Western Red Cedar bevel siding is the most widely-used siding type and it is as popular in its country of origin as it is here in Australia.

It is produced by re-sawing timber at an angle to produce two pieces thicker on one edge than the other.

The manufacturing process results in pieces where the main face is saw textured.

The rear face may be smooth or saw textured depending on the cut of the initial stock.

Bevel siding is installed horizontally and gives an attractive shadow line.

Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding – an economical cladding choice no matter what the category of building function.


TIMBECK S.T.K Grade Weather Boards are produced from un-seasoned stock.
Select Appearance Grade is from air seasoned stock. 


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