Western Red Cedar  -  Window & Door Linear Sections

While the majority of timber windows used in new buildings today are factory produced and pre-assembled, there is still a steady demand for supply in linear format of the most commonly used individual sections.

These circumstances exist particularly in renovation and refurbishment work where replacement requirements might not match current day standard sizes.

Other common instances are in new work where standard sizes just do not suit the particular application.

Designers also often want the freedom of not being tied to a range of standard opening formats and opening sizes and prefer instead to have custom manufactured solutions either factory produced to detail or cut and assembled on site.

For whatever the reason, Timbeck caters for these needs with a mix of standard profiles and a custom machining service for the non-standard items.

The custom machining aspect is vital – the finished size of many sections (jambs, heads & sills in particular) will vary with the type of construction into which the window or door is being fitted and depths of rebate may vary accordingly. Many require machining to suit the particular job.

The adjoining TAB details the range of most common standard profiles which can generally service market needs on an ex-stock basis – all other requirements are addressed through Timbeck’s custom detailing services.

Whatever the window or door application, Timbeck can provide a cost effective and practical solution with either components OR linear sections.


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