General Design Considerations for Windows & Doors

Being aware of exactly which window designs best suit a particular building is a critical part of the design and construction process.

When selecting a window or door design, following a few basic rules will deliver better heat / cold transfer performance and enhance the liveability of the new structure.


Daylight hours

When choosing windows, allowing natural light into rooms should be an important consideration. During daylight hours, an abundance of natural light helps to reduce energy costs by eliminating the need for electric lighting.


Ventilation and fresh air

Different window configurations allow different amounts of natural airflow. Natural ventilation is an excellent way of controlling internal temperature. It is important to match window type to prevailing or local weather conditions. That way, environmental conditions, such as afternoon or evening breezes, can be utilised for cooling or to create airflow through a dwelling.


Energy efficiency

Choosing the correct window design and framing material is important in reducing your energy costs. The type of glass, including double glazing, plays a crucial role in reducing energy costs, as does air infiltration through frames and around window hardware.


Framing materials

Consumers should look carefully at the profiles of the window and door products. It is essential to be certain that all materials utilised are heavy duty, provide strength, durability and superior thermal insulation.

Why Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar windows and doors are recognised for their high level of thermal performance, for being environmentally friendly and offering excellent durability.

A beautiful and natural product, this timber’s versatility makes it ideal for the varied array of designs demanded by today's specifiers. When displayed in its natural state with the application of oils, stains or varnishes, it adds warmth and striking beauty to any building.

Whether traditional or contemporary, Cedar framed windows & doors can be manufactured in a style to suit a wide range of architectural designs and periods.

Western Red Cedar windows & doors offer specifiers, builders and home owners:

  • excellent material insulation qualities
  • flexibility in providing different glazing options
  • high-performance draft sealing
  • access to a range of opening mechanisms
  • excellent security performance

The flexibility offered by Western Red Cedar allows this natural building material to be used in situations ranging from the latest contemporary designs right through to traditional heritage architecture.

Timbeck offers two different options for the supply of Windows and Doors
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From an environmental perspective,

timber offers the best material for the manufacture of windows and doors

and Western Red Cedar is the timber of choice.


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