Quoting and Order Information

Things we need to know
to enable us to best service your needs


Unique Characteristics

Timber in general is a unique material and an understanding of some of the physical characteristics will help ensure that we service your requirements in the most efficient and cost effective manner that is possible.


Generally speaking, the longer the lengths, the more expensive is the price. Try to work designs to utilise shorter lengths wherever possible. Avoid ordering required lengths in multiples.

Ordering a 6 metre length to yield 6/1.0 instead of ordering 6/1.2 may save 20% on materials but may cost 50% more

Widths & Thickness

As with length, wider and thicker sections will generally be more expensive than smaller end sections. Again, avoid ordering your requirements in multiples.

Basic Information We Require

Profile – Section Shape

If a proprietary product from our standard range, please refer to the product code – if product codes are not shown, please include reference to the intended application.


the end section size of the material


mostly, from our product range, this will be Western Red Cedar. Please stipulate if your interest is in another species.

Quantity & Length

the number of pieces required and their respective lengths. If set lengths are not necessary, please advise the total lineal metres required and the range of lengths which would be acceptable

Delivery Details

please advise if your requirements are to be delivered and provide all information relating to that.

Status of Your Enquiry

if quoting is involved, it assists us if we know the current status of your interest.

  • is it for cost comparison purposes in the project’s early planning stages
  • is it for budgeting purposes in a final cost analysis
  • is it for a firm quote against which an order will be placed soon


Putting all of this together, a good order / enquiry might read: 

  • TIMBECK Panelling – WCSA07809 – 48/3.9, 26/2.4, 88/0.9 – delivered to address – required next week
  • Screening Battens (eased corners) – 38 x 38 – WRC – 90/3.3, 200/1.0 – delivered to address – estimate only, early project budgeting stage


All Sales, Technical and General Enquiries

07 3888 7788 

02 9709 4466


Enquire for or order, only your specific needs.

Allowing us to determine which grade, length and section size is best to yield your requirements will ensure that we are providing you with the most cost effective option possible


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