Western Red Cedar  -  Decor Series

On-site Finishing Recommendations


For either Internal OR External Applications

When deciding on long term performance requirements, ensure that initial material and finishing costs are balanced against maintenance and / or repair and replacement costs.

The price premium generally encountered with the selection of quality coating products is invariably more than offset by superior product performance and reduced maintenance outlays.



All sanding should be with a good quality 400grit wet and dry paper. Individual pieces should be lightly sanded prior to first coating. Subsequent sanding between coats is then required to remove the "nibs" from previous coats.



Externally, leaving any timber cladding to weather naturally is not good practice and is not recommended – Western Red Cedar is no exception. The application of an appropriate clear or lightly pigmented coating system should be employed. Internally, while weathering does not occur, sealing the product to provide resistance to staining and marking is highly recommended.

For more details on the implications of leaving Western Red Cedar to weather naturally, see the “Finishing & Coating” section of the web site. 



Choose a quality product from a reputable manufacturer and accurately follow their recommendations for preparation, application and coats.

See the “Finishing & Coating” section of our web site for more comprehensive recommendations.



Site Finishing OR Pre Coating

Age old practices have seen timber traditionally primed and then finished on site. TIMBECK architectural offers pre-finished claddings in a range of colours and options to suit all applications. Non-standard colours and products can also be accommodated.

Obtain more details from the adjacent "Pre-coated Finishing" tab or go to the “Finishing & Coating” section of the web site for details on the benefits of this very practical option.

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