Decor Series

The DÉCOR series of profiles joined the range of TIMBECK products initially as a faux screening option.

In many cases, designers were looking for the appearance obtained from light section internal batten screening, but needed a level of privacy not available with traditional screening methods.

The concept of alternating the narrow ‘face’ and ‘groove’ width is the basic make-up of DÉCOR.  It presents an appearance similar to that of light screening and also provides the solution to the privacy issue.

TIMBECK maximised the range of design options that DÉCOR could provide by developing the profile into one, two & three groove variations across two widths and two thicknesses.

Internal OR External

DÉCOR is as much at home as an internal panelling as it is as an external cladding. The 7 profiles comprising the DECOR component of TIMBECK’s Impression Series provide professional designers with another product option with design flexibility.


Western Red Cedar’s low density makes it a frequently specified material where room acoustics require control. The surface texture variations characteristic of DECOR add to its natural acoustic properties and make it an ideal choice for applications where room acoustics require attention.

Further general information on Acoustics is available from our Design Guide 10 (PDF 500kb document) available for downloading here >>>.


An added bonus in selecting from the 26 mm thick profiles in the DÉCOR series is the enhanced sound and thermal insulating properties obtained from thicker timber. 


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