What is colourWOOD

colourWOOD is the general descriptive name we have applied to a range of pre-coated profiles manufactured predominately from Western Red Cedar.

The products represent the most popular sections and sizes from their respective categories, and they have all been pre-coated with a finishing option which has again been selected from the most popular within each range.

In essence, we have set about to convert some of the extensive line-up of products and finishing options that TIMBECK has to offer into smaller groups of variables to simplify the selection process for those who require that facility.

The full range of colourWOOD products are also stocked. This enables shortest possible despatch lead times to be achieved.

The range of colourWOOD products comprises Cladding, Panelling and Screening sections.

   Further details on Panelling can be accessed here 

colourWOOD Cladding and Screening products are covered under those respective sections of the web site.


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