Western Red Cedar  -  Shingle & Shake Panelling


Shingle Roofing as a Wall Panelling

An accent wall of Western Red Cedar shingles OR shakes is an ideal way to create a focal point in a living room, bedroom, den or bathroom. Both sawn face shingles and richly textured shakes offer the charm and informality that only natural Western Red Cedar can provide.

And because of their soft muted colours that range from pale gold to mellow reds and browns, they blend harmoniously with a wide variety of contemporary furnishings and fabrics. There is no better way to bring the pleasant, aromatic fragrance of Western Red Cedar indoors than with feature walls of  shingles OR shakes.

Western Red Cedar Shingles used as Internal Panelling


The technical data which Timbeck uses as a reference for these products has been prepared by 

The Shingle & Shake Bureau of British Columbia

further details for specifying shingles or shakes for interior panelling 
can be viewed here >>


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