Western Red Cedar - Window  Components

Timbeck’s presence in a range of markets requiring timber componentry is well recognised. The company has for nearly two decades, been a major supplier to industries including Shutter and Blind specialists as well as Sauna, Spa and other specialist manufacturers.

The products supplied to these businesses comprise a range of industry standard profiles predominately in Western Red Cedar.

To better utilise sophisticated manufacturing machinery and service componentry needs requiring more production detail than precision docking, Timbeck’s componentry range has expanded to take full advantage of machine capacities and now includes the requirements for Window & Door components.


The opportunity to extend the advantages of factory production of our more traditional range of components into the window and door manufacturing industry was a natural progression.

We now offer a wide stock range of pre-machined and detailed Window and Door components in a ‘ready to assemble’ format.

With today’s ever increasing skills shortages and business cost imposts, we believe our extensive range of  ‘ready to assemble’ components provides many advantages to traditional joinery businesses.

Availability of such items for a standard range of product options can complement any business with a diverse product supply capability and the component range we are producing falls very much into that category.


Detailed information covering all the standard options we cater for is included in the adjoining web pages as is information and recommendations on related hardware requirements.

We encourage manufacturers to procure these related items direct from their own supply sources.



All components are for a range of standard openings & sizes.



For non-standard applications, Timbeck can supply assistance with locating custom fabrication joiners specialising in window & door fabrication.


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