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Product Overview

Timber installed in a "batten" pattern, either slightly spaced or slightly overlapped, provides an attractive and practical solution to Screening and Shading needs.

Whether your application is internal for privacy needs, or external to provide protection from the sun's harmful rays, TIMBECK produces Screening and Shading profiles in a range of sizes specifically designed to suit these applications.

TIMBECK architectural Screening and Shading provides the designer with unlimited opportunities to compliment or accentuate a buildings natural fenestration.


Screening products are available in   Western Red Cedar and other popular species including

American Oak


Coastal Blackbutt

Blue Gum

Douglas Fir

European Oak


Hoop Pine



Kwila (Merbau)

Rock Maple

Rosewood - N.G.

Spotted Gum

Tasmanian Oak

Victorian Ash



Details on Western Red Cedar Screening are located in this area of the web site.


Details on the other non-cedar species,

their properties and the products in which they are available can be accessed here.



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