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Shutters have had a long history of protecting windows on the outside but like blinds, they were originally designed for the inside of a home. Today we have many choices.

With evidence of shutters having been used for well over 600 years, as time passed, they were increasingly selected as much for visual effect as for their practical functions – shelter from the elements and protection for the glass.

So, like blinds, instead of just blocking out the light and heat, shutter blades were often louvred or made of narrow horizontal slats angled to deflect rain, to allow some daylight through whilst providing adequate ventilation. These are still seen today on numerous Australian historic houses. Indeed, many substantial houses built today in a Georgian or Tuscan style use these exterior timber louvres as a feature.

Australians have embraced internal & external window shutters and blinds as an affordable and practical shading solution. Our desire for minimal interior design and a relaxed lifestyle means Western Red Cedar enhances these values.

WRC external shutters

WRC internal shutters

WRC venetian blinds



In winter a house “bleeds” heat from glass windows. In summer, outdoor heat radiates inwards. Basically there is no insulation value in glass. A shutter, blind or curtain improves the situation because it creates airspace between the glass and the window covering. The thicker (more insulating) the covering the better. The more you prevent the movement of air behind the covering the better too. Therefore the best result comes with heavier, tighter fitting window coverings to prevent convection of air between the window covering and the glass of the window.


Western Red Cedar shutters and heavy-duty curtains give the best overall results for lifespan and insulating properties. These two options require the biggest upfront investment but they last longer. Shutters have the advantage over heavy-duty curtains, of better control of light, airflow and privacy.
Shutters are also easier to dust and clean. We would recommend shutters as the better long-term investment over curtains, because with care, they should never need replacing and they add value to your home.

Cedar Shutters & Blinds

  • Stylish look, natural material with excellent insulation when fitted.
  • Provide optimum privacy and light control and easy to clean.
  • Can be angled for privacy and light control.
  • Can be a snug fit to any window shape, even circular.
  • Timber shutters can be opened out and folded against the wall for any length of time you like, as they will not sag.
  • Cedar is a lightweight wood, which will show the patina of age.
  • The only window covering which can improve the capital value of your home.


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