Equipment, Finishing Facilities and Processes

Architectural Finishes for TIMBECK Architectural Products 

TIMBECK architectural has a state of the art coating plant located just west of Brisbane. It specialises in the pre-finishing of the company’s own Western Red Cedar and other specie products & components. 

A large range of pre-finished products & components are produced and stocked, including: 

  • venetian slat range with matching fascias and rails in oil & lacquer finish.
  • internal panelling profiles in coloured oil & lacquer. 
  • external cladding profiles in clear and coloured oil.
  • internal & external screening sections in oil & lacquer.

In addition to the extensive range of standard products and finishes, 
the TIMBECK Machining and Coating Facilities enable the company to offer
an unparalled service for custom detailed profiles and their coatings.
Coating options include
Oil, Lacquer and Two Pack Polyurethane.

The equipment used for applying and curing these finishes is some of the most advanced available and includes:

UV VACUUM COATER (Giardina manufacture)

This is a high speed process designed for applying clear, semi-transparent and solid colour lacquers to all sides of timber mouldings of almost any shape. The coatings are also completely cured in line. 

It is a very efficient process for large volumes of INTERNAL profiles such as venetian blind slats, shutter components, screening, architraves & other mouldings, lining boards and the like. 

The process consists of automatic loading equipment, variable speed spacing conveyer, specialised vacuum application chamber, an 8 lamp ultra-violet curing oven and automatic unloading table.


AUTOMATIC SPRAY LINE (Makor manufacture)

This is a twin booth line with 10 automatic spray guns. It consists of: 

  • a letter box auto feeder
  • 6 gun automatic spray booth
  • an enclosed transfer conveyer with heated drying capabilities
  • a second automatic spray booth with 4 guns
  • automated stacking machine which places the finished profile on drying racks consisting of 15 shelves approx 900mm wide. 

This machine is capable of applying almost any conventional INTERNAL or EXTERNAL coating to almost any profile. Ideal for external claddings and screening which require protective coatings such as SIKKENS, INTERGRAIN or CUTEK. Also used for PRE-PRIMING of mouldings.



This machine consists of 

  • 3 automatic spray guns
  • a curtain coating station
  • a Makor automatic stacking machine 

This process can also handle most profile shapes, applying conventional air dried paints, stains and lacquers. It can be utilised for smaller more delicate jobs such as custom colour requirements as well as undercoating or priming of shutter profiles, venetian slats, fascias, rails and similar products.



We have several different sanding machines designed for different processes. 

  • a holytek 1200mm wide 3 head flat bed sander is used for sanding and sizing flat profiles
  • a Makor profile sander consisting of 2 belts and 4 sanding/buffing wheels is used for sanding of special profiles
  • another twin belt profile sander is utilised for sanding raw profiles as well as de-nibbing between coats of paint.


TIMBECK architectural can handle almost any coating project. 

No matter how large or small, we will have an application to suit.


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