External Finishing Options

From the extensive range of Paint, Stain and Finishing Oil manufacturers on today’s market, TIMBECK has focused on three of the leading manufacturers for supply of external products to its Coating and Finishing Plant. Depending on the finish you specify, TIMBECK will apply the most suitable option from one of these three suppliers. 

However, if you do have an alternative brand which you would specifically like to specify, we can certainly accommodate that as well.





Within the TIMBECK Coating operation, all EXTERNAL products are applied with spray apparatus, however most of the products also suit brushing and rolling.


When dealing with samples to determine a final selection for finish and colour, 
some important procedures must be observed.

  • Transparent coatings allow timbers natural features to show through
  • Transparency also means that the colour of the timber AND the colour of the finish will influence the final colour
  • The number of coats applied and the method of application will also influence the final colour.

For example - 2 coats will give a slightly different colour than 3 coats. 4 coats will be different again. Brush application will give a slightly different colour than spray application.

The colour of the coating can also play a part in all this. A darker coloured coating will be the least affected by timber type, number of coats, etc. A lighter coloured coating will be the most affected, as it allows the natural colour of the timber to show through the most. The more coats of a light coloured semi-transparent coating that is applied, the less the contribution from the timber. Hence the colour differential between 2, 3 or 4 coats will be more obvious.

  • To maintain an overall even appearance, the timber type used, the number of coats applied and the method of application should be kept the same for the whole job.
  • If the colour and finish was chosen based on a prepared sample, then in order to achieve the same appearance, the job needs to be done in the same manner in which the sample was presented – the same number of coats and the same application technique.


NOTE regarding Natural Weathering.

Irrespective of the application and the degree of exposure to which the installed product is subjected to, TIMBECK does not recommend leaving Western Red Cedar unfinished to weather naturally.

This practice may be promoted and acceptable in other countries, but has been found to be detrimental to long term product performance under the harsh climatic conditions experienced throughout most of Australia.


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