Internal Finishing


Factory Applied Pre-Finishing

Unlike the coating materials we use for EXTERNAL applications, the products we use to provide the finishes on INTERNAL products are only suitable for application with commercial pre-finishing equipment. 

The finishing products we apply to our range of INTERNAL products and components are not suitable for use by DIY operators, nor are they suitable for use on-site by trade skills.

For on-site finishing needs, whether they be for sealing and coating prior to fixing OR coating of finished surfaces after products have been fixed, there are numerous products available from a wide range of manufacturers. Our only recommendation would be that the final selection should be of the highest quality available.

The following data is intended to assist with the choice of a suitable product to apply on-site to timbers internally.


On-Site Applied Internal Finishings

Essentially, there are three formats of internal finishing products which can be used on interior timbers:

  • Clear Finishes – oil based, water based or polyurethane
  • Stain Finishes
  • Paint Finishes

Clear finishes are the most serviceable for interior applications, however care is necessary when choosing the finish as some have the potential to bond board edges together at the tongue and groove joint. This may result in wide irregular gapping between occasional boards or may cause some to split. It is therefore recommended that finishes and finish systems be used that do not promote gluing.

Tung oil based finishes or finish systems containing a bond breaking sealer followed by polyurethane top coats are considered appropriate. Stains may be used to achieve special colour effects, however experimentation first with a number of offcuts is recommended.

Where a clear finish is used over a stain, it is necessary to check with the manufacturer to ensure the clear finish is compatible with the stain. Finishes should be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Panelling can ’darken or yellow’ very quickly, if exposed to direct sunlight. Darkening may also occur over a period of years through indirect sunlight which may cause colour variations between the timber and the filler. This darkening may be significantly reduced if water based finishes are used.


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