Western Red Cedar  -  Boat Building

Western Red Cedar’s unique properties have also contributed to making it one of the sought after species for the construction of traditional timber boats. 

Being low density and light weight, it is widely used for hull planking. 

In this construction method, the outer hull is cross laminated with three layers of timber. 

The two inner layers are fixed at opposite angles and the final outer layer is fixed horizontal. 

The finished construction provides a very strong cross banded hull. 

Often, the outer layer is clear finished to highlight the natural appearance of the western red cedar.

Another construction method often used in round bilge vessels incorporates a one layer thicker planking where one edge is machined concave and the other convex. The plank sections partially interlock with each other and can easily follow the changing contours of the main boat contours.

TIMBECK is able to supply any requirements for boat building needs. Because of the uniqueness of individual boat designs, standard sections are not stocked and all materials are run to order and customers specifications.

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