Western Red Cedar  -  Spas and Hot Tubs 

For centuries, people from all cultures have enjoyed the relaxing pleasures and therapeutic benefits of warm water soaking.

From as early as the ancient Romans, we can see evidence of hot tub recreational popularity and the healing benefits of hot water bathing.

The age old tradition of wooden cooperage (barrel making), stems back thousands of years, and has long been used to hold liquids including wines and spirits.

Cedar and Oak were popular materials due to their natural resilience to decay and their expansive properties when soaked. These techniques led to the early development of hot tubs and spas as we know them today.

Western Red Cedar is by far the timber of choice for Spas and Hot Tubs. Resilience to decay has long been Cedar's forte. Its aromatic scent is very pleasant and soothing.

Its fibrous structure makes it the ideal timber for water-tightness, as well as giving it one of the highest insulating values of most common timbers. This is why Western Red Cedar is the wood of choice for outdoor hot tubs.

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