Our Environmental Commitment and Credentials – September 2018

The selection of timber for any product is fundamentally a good choice for the natural world, and one way we can all further benefit the environment is to purchase timber products sourced only from sustainably managed forests.

Recognizing the importance of forests is key to fostering their conservation and long term sustainable use. Sustainable forestry is defined as the stewardship and use of forests to provide environmental, economic and social opportunities for present and future generations. It is based on forest practices that maintain the health and productivity of forest ecosystems, protect and enhance soil, water, fish and wildlife values while providing useful products for people.

Certification of forest practices can help consumers make environmentally responsible purchasing decisions. A certification system provides independent verification that environmental and sustainable forestry standards are being met. Certifiers monitor and audit practices on a continual basis to ensure performance and compliance.

The origins of TIMBECK architectural date back to 1968, and from as far back as then, the company has pursued a commitment to source only quality raw material. Of more recent times as sustainability concerns have become of paramount importance, TIMBECK has extended its strict sourcing criteria to include absolute supplier compliance with recognised sustainability practices.

Throughout the world today, there are many certification schemes available for application to forest operations. This includes Australia, the source of most of our hardwood resources and also Canada, the home of our Western Red Cedar supplies. Essentially, ALL timber sourced by us is required to carry recognised certification compliance.
While each certification  scheme is somewhat different in application, they all provide independent and creditable assurance of the highest of standards being measured.

Timbeck has formalised its commitment to sustainability with its own ‘Chain of Custody’ accreditation. Details of our AFS – PEFC Certificate 480 are appended to this statement. A PDF of our Certificate can also be downloaded here.

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Graeme Ferrow

Managing Director












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