Blue Gum

Specie Properties  -  read in conjunction with the General Notes

01. Common Name / s

Sydney Blue Gum.

02. Botanical Name

Eucalyptus saligna.

03. Primary Origin

New South Wales & Southern Queensland.

04. Colour & Figure

The heartwood of the species ranges in colour from dark pink to a reddish brown. Sapwood is distinctly paler.

Figure - The grain blue gum timber is typically straight, with occasional interlocking of grain. Texture is moderately coarse and gum veins are common.

05. Density

Unseasoned  –  1070 kg/m3
Seasoned      –   850 kg/m3                 

06. Hardness

Janka Rating - 9
Relative Rating - Hard              

07. Durability
  (above ground)

Class 2 - more than 15 and up to 40 years above ground weather exposed.

08. Weather Exposed


09. Grade Options

Standard & Better – the most common and economic grade available, includes a range of the most interesting and moderate naturally occurring features with gum vein likely to be prevalent.

Select – a grade supplied where appearance is of primary importance, this grade provides a low level of natural features which may limit the supply of many sizes.          

10. Leaching

Leaching of extractives may occur although less than in some other hardwoods.

11. Thickness
  (finished dressed)

Given some of the sawmilling supply constraints Timbeck has to deal with the chosen finished thickness of Dressed and Moulded products is 12-18-30-40mm.

Thicker sections are available unseasoned.

12. Width
  (finished dressed)

Widths from 18mm to 290mm are normally available however not in significant volume in sizes over 190mm.

13. Length

Lengths are available in reasonable quantities from 0.9m to 4.2m however longer lengths from 4.5m to 6.0m have some supply limitations.

Set lengths when available are supplied in 300mm increments.

14. Price Guide

Relative Cost - 161 Units  (compared to Western Red Cedar at 100 units)

15. Coating

Blue Gum is usually supplied raw for on-site finishing however Timbeck has the capabilities to factory pre coat utilising Cutek CD50 clear oil.

Film forming Lacquers are not recommended for weather exposed applications.

16. Coating

Factory pre coating can be offered in UV cured lacquer for non-hard wearing areas, spray applied two pack polyurethane for hard wearing applications or oils for other applications.

17. Availability

Usually available with normal production lead times however large volumes of specific lengths and sizes requires extended lead time to ensure supply meets expectations.
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