Douglas Fir

Specie Properties  -  read in conjunction with the General Notes

01. Common Name / s

Oregon, Oregon Pine.

02. Botanical Name

Pseudotsuga menziesii.

03. Primary Origin

West Coast of North America.

04. Colour & Figure

The heartwood of Douglas fir ranges in colour from yellow through orange to a deep reddish brown. Sapwood is often distinctively paler, occurring in a band from 50 to 75 millimeters in width, depending on the timber’s source.
Grain is generally straight, with a pronounced difference in colour between earlywood and latewood that results in a highly distinctive figure on back-sawn surfaces.
Texture is often coarse and uneven.

05. Density

Unseasoned  –  730 kg/m3
Seasoned      –  550 kg/m3         

06. Hardness

Janka Rating     -  3.1
Relative Rating  -  Soft

07. Durability
  (above ground)

Only suitable for weather protected applications.

08. Weather Exposed

Not Suitable

09. Grade Options

Select – premium timber that has a clean look with a few natural growth characteristics included. Ideal for use were appearance is of importance.

Merchantable Grades - are usually specified for structural or non-appearance applications.      

10. Leaching

Due to timbers high resin content some surface coatings may be negatively impacted.

11. Thickness
  (finished dressed)

Select grade volumes are limited and generally thicknesses up to 38mm are only available on normal lead times (see also, photo of interest below).

12. Width
  (finished dressed)

Generally only widths up to 190mm are available in any volume with the majority of boards in the 38-65-90-140mm width range (see also, photo of interest below).

13. Length

Most lengths up to 6.0 meters are available however limited in number by stock availability.
(see also, photo of interest below).

14. Price Guide

Relative Cost - 105 Units  (compared to Western Red Cedar at 100 units)

15. Coating

Not applicable

16. Coating

Factory pre coating can be offered in UV cured lacquer for non-hard wearing areas, spray applied two pack polyurethane for hard wearing applications or oils for other applications.

17. Availability

As an imported timber some limitations to the availability of volumes of set lengths and certain demand sizes is inevitable. Availability should be checked at the time of tendering and followed up prior to project commencement to ensure lead times can be met.

An image of interest to fans of Douglas Fir.


The photo was taken at the saw mill of origin in Canada in October 2014.

The timber is CLEAR Grade Douglas Fir.

While Douglas Fir to this specification is certainly not readily available from stock in Australia, it is a very tangible example of what this world renowned and very unique timber specie can offer - and all that with a universally recognised sustainable future.


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