Kwila - (Merbau)

Specie Properties  -  read in conjunction with the General Notes

01. Common Name / s

Merbau, Ipil, Vesi.

02. Botanical Name

Insi Bijuga.

03. Primary Origin

South East Asia, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islands.

04. Colour & Figure

The attractive yellow-orange brown hue of freshly cut heartwood deepens or reddens with ageing. This contrasts markedly with the sapwood, which is white, pale yellow or buff coloured.

The grain can vary but it is usually interlocked or wavy, with a coarse but even texture, often prized for its attractiveness on back sawn.

05. Density

Unseasoned  -  1150 kg/m3
Seasoned      -    850 kg/m3         

06. Hardness

Janka Rating    -   8.5
Relative Rating -  HARD

07. Durability
  (above ground)

Class 1  -  more than 40 years above ground weather exposed.

08. Weather Exposed


09. Grade Options

Prime – premium timber that has a clean look with few natural growth characteristics.
Ideal for use were appearance is of importance.                     

10. Leaching

Contains a yellow substance that stains textiles and external surfaces such as concrete and tiles – care needs to be taken in such applications.

11. Thickness
  (finished dressed)

All thicknesses up to 100mm are usually available.

12. Width
  (finished dressed)

Widths from 40mm to 290mm are readily available.

13. Length

Most lengths up to 6.0 meters are readily available however large volumes of set lengths may need longer lead times.

14. Price Guide

Relative Cost - 139 Units  (compared to Western Red Cedar at 100 units)

15. Coating

The timber is usually supplied raw for on-site finishing however Timbeck has the capabilities to factory pre coat utilising Cutek CD50 clear oil.

Finishes can sometimes be effected by gum bleed-through or oily patches.

16. Coating

Factory pre coating can be offered in UV cured lacquer for non-hard wearing areas, spray applied two pack polyurethane for hard wearing applications or oils for other applications.

17. Availability

Readily available with normal production lead times however large volumes of specific lengths and sizes requires extended lead time to ensure supply meets expectations.
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