Victorian Ash

Specie Properties  -  read in conjunction with the General Notes

01. Common Name / s

Victorian Ash, Mountain Ash, Alpine Ash, Tasmanian Oak, Australian Oak

Note – Victorian Ash is not a timber specie but a Trade name of the mixture of two similar species Mountain Ash and Alpine Ash

02. Botanical Name

E. delegatensis E. regnans

03. Primary Origin

Alpine areas of Victoria, NSW and Tasmania

04. Colour & Figure

Heartwood  –  ranges from pale pink to yellowish brown.
Sapwood    –  often indistinguishable from the heartwood.
Figure        –  usually straight grained but may produce fiddleback markings and have visible                         gum veins. It has a course texture

05. Density

Unseasoned  -  1050 kg/m3
Seasoned      -    660 kg/m3      

06. Hardness

Janka Rating    -   4.9
Relative Rating -  Firm

07. Durability
  (above ground)

Only for weather protected applications

08. Weather Exposed


09. Grade Options

Select Grade     – premium timber that has a clean look with few natural growth                                                      characteristics. Ideal for use where appearance is of importance.

Standard Grade – quality timber with more natural characteristics than Select. More gum vein                                 is evident however remains fit for many appearance applications.             

10. Leaching

Not applicable

11. Thickness
  (finished dressed)

The main thicknesses of seasoned boards are 12, 19, 30 & 40 mm with larger end sections available laminated to special order

12. Width
  (finished dressed)

Widths of dressed seasoned sections range from 30mm to 285mm however most Screening applications are restricted to solid sections under 140mm in depth

13. Length

Lengths are usually available in random lengths however with sufficient lead time set lengths up to 5.4 meters may be available in solid boards.

Increasing amounts of Victorian Ash is being Laminated and Finger Jointed as pressure comes from the market to meet the need for multiple set lengths and wide boards.

14. Price Guide

Relative Cost - 150 Units  (compared to Western Red Cedar at 100 units)

15. Coating

Not applicable

16. Coating

Factory pre coating can be offered in UV cured lacquer for non-hard wearing areas, spray applied two pack polyurethane for hard wearing applications or oils for other applications.

17. Availability

Readily available with normal production lead times however large volumes of specific lengths and sizes requires extended lead time to ensure supply meets expectations.
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